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Badger Bits: Athlon takes stab at best-ever Wisconsin players since 1967

It's that time of year where we critique arbitrary best-of lists.

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Kevork Djansezian

Athlon Sports released a list of who they thought were the 10 best Badgers since 1967. Since we're in the doldrums and it's good fodder for you, dear commentariat, here's the list:

1. Ron Dayne
2. Joe Thomas
3. Jim Leonhard
4. Jamar Fletcher
5. Lee Evans
6. Tim Krumrie
7. Al Toon
8. Cory Raymer
9. Tom Burke
10. Russell Wilson

The problem with these lists is that the criteria is wildly inconsistent. Athlon appears to be sticking with the players who had the best college careers over those who were arguably better based on pure talent (which could necessitate a look at NFL resumes). Applying that standard, I'm not sure Russell Wilson and his one spectacular season deserves inclusion.

Beyond that, no Montee Ball is downright ludicrous. Many argued that his name should be added to the upper deck of Camp Randall after his senior season. Even if that seems outlandish, the fact that the discussion existed probably means he deserves a spot in the Top 10, at the very least.

More omissions? Go to town below. Dave Heller threw out a few suggestions. I'm useless beyond the mid-90s, so I'm ready to be enlightened.


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