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Badger Bits: Big Ten Comes Up Short Again

Reflecting on Monday's night's championship game and closing out the 2012-13 college basketball season.

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Same story, different year.

For the fifth time since 2001, a Big Ten representative finds itself on the losing end of the national championship game.

For college basketball, last night's 82-76 Louisville victory over Michigan was a thriller -- exactly the way the NCAA needed to end the season. But for Big Ten fans, it leaves a bit of a sour taste in our mouths and a feeling of unfinished business.

There's no denying the fact Big Ten basketball reigned as king this season -- at least in my mind. Seven extremely quality teams made the tournament, with Michigan shining the brightest and making a run to the nation's biggest stage in college hoops.

But despite all the successes, the Big Ten desperately needed validation for this season. Yes, it had a representative in the title game, but people put a lot of weight on who actually wins it all -- for better or worse. The Big Ten hasn't won a national championship since 2000, and Big Ten football hasn't even won the crystal football since 2002! The fact it's been over a decade since the Big Ten conference has won in either of the two major college sports is embarrassing.

Regardless, last night turned out to be a heck of a matchup and reminded myself how much I love this game.


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