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Congrats, JumpShotFreeThrows. You Won B5Q's Bracket Pick'em!

Also known as "Eric," your fantastic Badgers-themed bracket name surely played a huge role in carrying you to the title.

Ryan Evans, a true inspiration.
Ryan Evans, a true inspiration.

JumpShotFreeThrows/Eric, congratulations! You won B5Q's 2013 NCAA tournament bracket pick'em!

Only (only?!) bragging rights were up for grabs this year, but we wanted to give your winning bracket its duly deserved props. With 44 of 63 picks correct and the correct final of Louisville-Michigan, you won the pool by a cool 19 points. Not to be overlooked -- not only did you rightfully have Louisville as the winner, but you came within one point of correctly picking the final score. The Cards won 82-76; you had them winning 81-76. Fine job, sir.

Eric also deserves props for 1) That fantastic bracket name, devoted to our own Ryan Evans, and 2) Joining me and a few others in (at the time) somewhat justifiably riding Wisconsin's upset pick vibe to the Final Four.

Other bracket notables:

  • In a true sense of this year's insane tournament, Eric won despite having only three Elite Eight teams correct.
  • B5Q's top five behind Eric: "Tyler Shinnick's Bracket," by Tyler Shinnick (41 correct); "Curtis Huebner's Bracket," by Curtis Huebner (39); "The Decider," by PJ (39, 117 points) and "JackR's Optimal Bracket," by JackR (40, but only 116 points).
  • Among B5Q contributors, Louis Bien's "Sports pun" finished the highest at eighth place with 40 correct picks and 114 points. Phil Mitten was right behind him at No. 10, as "Duany Duany For 3!" got 36 correct for 112 points.
  • We were thrilled to have 75 participants in this year's pool. Following March Madness even after Wisconsin lost was so much more fun with this sense of community, and we hope everyone comes back next year. Bring your friends! Perhaps we'll have something on the line in addition to these esteemed bragging rights...
  • In the meantime, enjoy the crown, Eric!