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David Gilbert to leave program, not use final year of eligibility

The troublesome right foot of David Gilbert ends his career and opens a hole in the linebacking corps.

We will not be seeing this in Madison next season.
We will not be seeing this in Madison next season.

One of Wisconsin's only pass-rushers over the past two seasons has been forced to leave the program due to repeated injuries to his foot.

David Gilbert, the defensive end who would be moving to linebacker in the switch to the 3-4 this season, missed spring practice because of a recurrence of problems with his right foot and has now decided to call it quits because of this latest injury.

Gilbert finished tied for second on the team last season with four sacks and third in 2011 with three, despite only playing in four games due to problems with the same foot. Gilbert would have been turned loose in Aranada's 3-4 scheme as a pass-rusher until unfortunately, his problems returned.

Obviously, we wish Gilbert the best of luck in his future endeavors and hope he finds success in whatever he does.