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Badger Bits: Badgers at Lambeau Field?

Much still has to fall into place, but the Badgers are working with LSU to play neutral site games in the future.

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Jamie Squire

We recently discovered ongoing talks between Wisconsin and LSU in hopes of setting up neutral site games. According to the Associated Press, much of the decision hinges on whether the SEC will move to nine conference games in the future or not.

What really grabbed everyone's attention is not only the fact that Director of Athletics Barry Alvarez is taking another serious initiative to scheduling major non-conference foes, but that one of the neutral site games with LSU could possibly take place at Lambeau Field.

Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel linked to a poll provided on the website of The Times-Picayune, New Orleans' major newspaper, which asked LSU fans if they liked the idea of the Tigers playing the Badgers at Lambeau Field. The question did also include the stipulation that there would be two neutral site games with the other one being played closer to home for LSU to even things out.

The results: A resounding positive response as nearly 83 percent of the responses supported a neutral site game at Lambeau.

With that being said, what do Badger fans think of the idea? I've heard people on both sides of the spectrum. Some think it would be awesome to see the Badgers at historic Lambeau in a major non-conference bout, but others feel the sacred grounds should be left only to the men in the green and gold, which I say is ridiculous.

If they can hammer out all the logistics of this, it'd be an incredible experience for fans and another giant step in the right direction for improving the competition of non-conference play.

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