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NFL Draft: Travis Frederick to the Dallas Cowboys

In a minor upset, the Badgers center gets in at the end of the first round and finds himself in a prime situation to start right away.

It's not unreasonable to expect Frederick to start from day one.
It's not unreasonable to expect Frederick to start from day one.

Going into tonight, most Badger fans were not expecting one of their players to be selected. If I remember correctly? Only one expert had a Badger getting in the first round. In fact, Travis Frederick was ready to spend his Friday by the phone.

But what these experts didn't count on? Jerry Jones was bound to make a selection.

And when the wild card brought his selection to the podium? Travis Frederick became the first Big Ten selection and first Badger taken by the Dallas Cowboys with the 31st selection. And for Frederick? This is as good of a situation to play right away as any. At center the Cowboys ended the year Ryan Cook as their starter (6 of 6 in a series), who was brought to Dallas for the low price of a 7th round pick to Miami in this years draft.

The Cowboys two starting guards? In Mackenzy Bernadeau, they have a former seventh round pick who recently underwent shoulder surgery. In Nate Livings, you have a guard that's north of thirty with a recent knee surgery to his credit. So suffice it to say that Travis Frederick could well be a starter in Cowboy's Stadium from day one for years to come.

The expectations are that Montee Ball will still be drafted sometime tomorrow, and Ricky Wagner will be drafted on Saturday.