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College Football Playoff: Fans Can Vote for Logo

"INTERACTIVE. MARKETING." — Bill Hancock & co., probably.

I guess it's real. The upcoming college football playoff will be called just that, the College Football Playoff. Above are the four possible logos, and fans have until next Monday, April 29, at 2 p.m. CT to vote for their favorite at the CFP's (can we use that?) website. Personally, I'm most partial to No. 3, though all three look like very basic forays into Photoshop editing. Granted, that's coming from someone with purely average Photoshop skills. Which one is your favorite? Vote below!

As for that name, it's an incredibly, incredibly easy target -- probably inevitably so, regardless of what the name ultimately was. I'm sure there's an early, scientifically questionable Darren Rovell fan poll already out there; I just haven't made it to his timeline yet. I'm not quite sure how many fans there are of it, and I'd probably consider myself neutral. Yes, it's remarkably boring -- honestly, I think that warrants some props.

But also, on the flipside, it is essentially a blank slate. The first few CFPs are bound to be wildly anticipated events, so it's not like the name means so much in the short term. But as opposed to some "cute" or "fancy" name -- which has previously been done before and miserably so, Hancock unnecessarily reminded us -- the powers that be came up with College Football Playoff to take the name out of any discussion regarding the game. Of course, that figures to be precisely the case in the early going. But do you watch the Super Bowl because it's named that? No, you watch it because it's the damn Super Bowl and what else were you going to do?

If you ask me, in short time this will be shoved into the file of "Things We Spent a Lot of Time Talking About Last Month." We're finally getting a college football playoff, and while it may not be perfect, the College Football Playoff is another step toward college football nirvana.