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Badger Bits: Winding down the spring

Spring practices have come and gone. There was a lot to say following Wisconsin's spring game Saturday, all of which should be taken with several grains of salt.

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The spring game doesn't mean anything. We all know it doesn't mean anything. Every year, people write articles about how the spring game doesn't mean anything, and they're all right. It's obvious. At the end of every moment where something goes right there is, conversely, something going wrong. I knew this when I was a kid, and I know this now.

Spring practices pass like a fever dream. They gain critical importance when we're in their midst, then wisp away like vapor when we finally snap to consciousness. We may have seen Joel Stave elevate his game and Kenzel Doe become a viable slot receiver. We may have also seen our first glimpse of a problematic secondary. These things may matter for fall camp and beyond, or they may lose all meaning the next time a practice report says otherwise.

Some things will come to pass and some things won't. Everything that happened this spring was for the most part highly encouraging, but also gibberish. At least for now. We'll find out in a few months whether any of it was prescient. With that disclaimer, here's what people had to say:


The State Journal has some highlights, notably the RAPID-FIRE T-SHIRT CANNON at the 2-minute mark

BTN has a whole mess of goofy videos

The Journal Sentinel has player interviews

Written stuff: The State Journal praises Kenzel Doe, Vince Biegel and Shelton Johnson, says the new defense is helping out the QBs, likes Stave and Phillips. The Journal Sentinel is also impressed by everybody

Bob McGinn breaks down Montee Ball

Notes from Penn State's spring game: Black Shoe Diaries and ESPN Big Ten blog

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Bless you Trai Turner