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Badger Bits: Joel Stave and Curt Phillips Separating Selves in Quarterback Competition

Curt Phillips and Joel Stave are separating themselves from the pack in Wisconsin's competition for a starting quarterback. Are you surprised?

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If you've been following along with Wisconsin football spring practice reports, you probably gathered that Curt Phillips and Joel Stave are the 1a and 1b on the depth chart, with Bart Houston and Danny O'Brien fighting for leftovers. Still, it's nice to get confirmation in writing. Here's Jeff Potrykus:

Stave and Phillips this spring have been the most effective of the four scholarship quarterbacks on the roster.

For the most part they have been splitting the work with the No. 1 offense.

Phillips, who started UW's final five games last season and can be an effective runner, has appeared more comfortable in the pocket than Stave. He also appears to be throwing the ball better at times than last season.

The bit about Phillips being more comfortable in the pocket than Stave, and throwing a better ball is intriguing. So is the part later on about Stave hitting receivers in stride down the field because it means 1) that his collarbone is feeling much better and 2) that he isn't making his receivers come back for deep balls as they did so often last season.

The all-important upshot is that Wisconsin's top two quarterbacks from last season look like better players this spring, and may have already whittled down the competition to a two- to three-man race depending on the Tanner McEvoy wildcard factor.

A former Elite 11 invitee and a former ACC Freshman of the Year are currently fighting for the No. 3 spot on the depth chart. Wisconsin has depth, yo.


Sojourn Shelton is happy he enrolled early and is currently the No. 3 corner on the depth chart with Devin Gaulden and Hugs Etienne out with injuries.

Programming note: Friday's open practice has been pushed back to Monday due to expected inclement weather.

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