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Badger Bits: Fallout from Wisconsin's NCAA Tournament Loss

There isn't much that needs to be said after a loss like Wisconsin's to Ole Miss in the first round of the NCAA tournament on Friday.

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Jamie Squire

Lack of sleep and lingering despondency make this a bad morning to crank out any mots that can even be considered close to bon. You all saw the thing that happened. There are a few things written by local media about that thing below. Everybody else has moved on.

On a brighter note, HOCKEY.


Wisconsin will take on Massachusetts-Lowell as the No. 14 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Adam Rittenberg feature on Gary Andersen should make you feel better.

Offensive line is the Badgers' biggest offseason concern (and the quarterbacks aren't in the Top 3).

Safety depth is among those concerns. Jeffrey Lewis has been mentioned as a potential position switch, but he won't even think about playing anything other than running back.

Post-game notes and quotes: Marshall Henderson takes swipe, Ben Brust goes cold.

Football assistant coaches get their pay raise.

Badgers among the three biggest disappointment from Friday, according to Mike Rutherford.

Wisconsin learns something from loss. Sam Dekker:

"This might be one of those bulletin-board games you look at every day when you work out," Dekker said softly but firmly in a hushed Wisconsin locker room after UW's season ended with a 57-46 loss to Ole Miss on Friday. "You don't want to feel this way again. You don't want to look back and wonder: 'What if we were tougher? What if they didn't get some of those rebounds?'

"This is going to drive us even more and add fuel to the fire."

Tom Oates says we've seen this all before.

The future is bright Pt. 1: Wisconsin's young talent could be pretty darn good.

The future is bright Pt. 2: Wisconsin should have more athleticism on the court.

Wrapping up: Pat Fitzgerald to coach Northwestern basketball?