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Badger Bits: Semi-Concrete Things from Wisconsin Football Spring Practice

The joy of grainy video from Wisconsin spring practice, plus tons of NCAA tournament links.

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Being able to see football things in March is absolutely wonderful. Media departments, reporters and bloggers are figuring out how to use the internet properly, and as a result we get things like this: Long-distance video of Bart Houston leading a touchdown drive while WE BUILT THIS CITY by Jefferson Starship blasts on a stereo somewhere.

There's more from Adam Rittenberg's live coverage of the Badgers' first spring scrimmage. Of note: Melvin Gordon left with a sprained ankle but should be fine, the defense looked good, the tight ends looked great and Rittenberg thinks State Street Brats is a good place to eat (it isn't). There is a lot more video, too.

The best part is the Houston-to-somebody score sponsored by one of the worst songs in the history of mankind, however. Perhaps someday I'll be jaded by my junkie relationship with the internet, and goofy videos from spring practice will be something I demand rather than stumble upon and enjoy. But I remember refreshing message boards in hopes that an anonymous web denizen would say something insightful about the team, because it was something even if it was nowhere close to concrete, and it wasn't as fun as this.

Grainy video is only slightly more concrete, but gall dang if it doesn't make me giddy as heck about football.

Below, people write smarter things about basketball than I would have.


Red Cup Rebellion seems to have a relatively friendly, if somewhat eccentric fanbase, but this aggression will not stand, man. Also, four factors preview.

First round NCAA Tournament preview if every school was its warship counterpart. Self-explanatory.

Originators of horrifying sex tips think Mike Bruesewitz is a good looking dude.

Nice story on Bruesewitz and the offense from Tom Oates.

Luke Winn column pegs Ole Miss as the fifth-best team team with an 11-seed or higher. And yeah, this:


Is it weird to link to something that has a bunch of links for you to click? Whatever. I blame JSOnline's stupid paywall.

Speaking of which, I'm sure this story on Josh Gasser is great.

State Journal on how Ben Brust has become not just a shooter

Old lady really dislikes Marshall Henderson. Quote:

"I don't care for ... those naughty loudmouths or showoffs," Jorenby said. "He dances some kind of dance I've never heard of."

[Note on the above: You don't even want to know what was in the ellipsis]

Tom Mulhern football notes: Defense shines, O-line thin, wide receivers still ugh.

Marquis Mason is hoping to remedy that last part.

Michigan may have just lost its best defensive player for the season.

Wrapping up: Just making sure you saw this Martin Rickman piece on Bryce Drew's three-pointer to beat Ole Miss, because I really liked it and I guess it's kind of relevant to tomorrow's game.