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Join B5Q's Bracket Pick 'Em

Come bracketeer with us! Bragging rights -- serious bragging rights -- are on the line.

Yeah! Brackets!
Yeah! Brackets!
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Apologies for not getting this up earlier on the first day of our post-2013-bracket-reveal lives. But no worries -- you still have plenty of time to join B5Q's bracket pool!

It's completely free, it's on Yahoo! and it'll be great. All you have to do is click here to sign up with your Yahoo! account. The password, should you need it -- apparently, entering a password doesn't necessarily mean it's required -- is "b5qmarchmadness." We already have about 10 participants in there, and we'd love to get a nice, large pool going. The winner will receive the deed to Bret Bielema's old pad in Madison big-time bragging rights via a post in your honor on this here site.

Good luck!