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Badger Bits: Let's Say Nice Things About Ryan Evans!

Ryan Evans got exactly what he deserved Sunday, a progression to the mean culminating in his most transcendent moment and Wisconsin's most transcendent game of the season.

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Ryan Evans didn't have to shoot above 50 percent to beat Ohio State, but that he did serves as further evidence that Wisconsin was truly on-game Sunday afternoon. Despite taking over 92 percent of his shots from inside the arc, Evans had made over half of his attempts in just three games this season entering the weekend. He had gone eight straight games sub-.500 before shooting 4-for-7 against the Buckeyes. There is a lot of evidence that Evans is a bad shooter, but he can still be a good player within a standard deviation. On the days when Wisconsin is an above average offensive team, they are darn near unbeatable.

Sunday's game turned into a rout because the Buckeyes were off. Ohio State missed lay-ups, open three pointers (3-for-12) and contested jump shots early in the shot clock. Meanwhile, Traevon Jackson was hitting bank shots. Maybe it was fate after three straight overtime games. Sunday's game was therapeutic for the team and the fans. It was a needed stress reliever after two weeks of high tension.

Over a 37-second stretch, Evans had a steal, offensive rebound and a truly divine one-handed tip slam. The dunk electrified the crowd, but more importantly, Evans deserved it. The criticism reached a fever pitch after the Minnesota loss. Evans needed to do something only he is capable of, to take the stress off and remind fans why he gets the minutes that he does.

It was just that kind of day. Sometimes the law of averages tilts in your favor and results in something transcendant.


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