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Badger Bits: The Badgers' Win Made a Lot of People Look Like This

A lot of Wisconsin fans made a lot of silly faces following the win over Michigan on Saturday, and it was beautiful.

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Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

There are five photos of the young lady pictured up above in the SB Nation photo editor. In every single one her mouth is agape, just like that. These weren't five photos taken in quick succession by a high-speed shutter. The facial expressions and body positions of the people around her change several times. She is frozen. For all we know, she still looks like that.

I don't want to say a lot, because saying anything about half-court shots is really cliche at this point. I mean really, you have probably seen dozens in your lifetime, and if not, then a quick trip to YouTube can fix that. The scene is always the same. The shooter unloads, everybody stops, you take a breath, the ball goes in and the crowd goes bananas. Ben Brust's shot was basically a palette swap of Evan Turner's buzzer-beater against Michigan in 2010.

What's unique are the faces afterwards. Everything happens so fast that people forget to keep their defenses up. That, or they are too excited to give a damn. Either way, they end up looking silly if the moment happens to be captured on camera. If we understand the context, we share in the moment rather than poke fun, then wonder what the hell we looked like at the swish.


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Thank you Mike Bruesewitz:

"Everybody mobbed Ben," senior forward Mike Bruesewitz said after UW's 65-62 victory over the third-ranked Wolverines Saturday at the Kohl Center. "I wasn't trying to be a bad teammate or anything but I was trying to get everybody back to the huddle."

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Tales from the Big Ten recruiting trail. Gary Andersen and Ben Strickland got cozy:

It was me, sitting in a car for three days straight with [assistant] Ben Strickland, and we're driving all through the Midwest. And we finally realized that we're going to end up staying overnight one night, and we have zero clothes. So we had to check into a hotel with no bags. We had to make a trip to the store, and Ben and I in four days got to know each other real well. Ben had to go himself some Wisconsin gear, and I had to go find a new shirt, a new coat, a new pair of pants and some shoes.

Nothing tops Randy Edsall's wild ride, however.

Wrapping up: Ben Brust and Evan Turner share a moment: