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Merry Christmas from B5Q!

Good wishes here, of course, extend to all holidays. We could not be more grateful for the community here, and want to thank you for a fantastic 2013!

You, our readers, are quite simply the best and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the fantastic growth we've seen in our B5Q community this year. We had some remarkable highs in 2013 (Barry Alvarez returning to the sideline, Gary Andersen living up to the hypeThe Frank Kaminsky Game) and a few lows (Arizona State we don't need to mention any more), and having the chance to experience them all with a bunch of like-minded Badger fans was a wonderful experience.

Whether or not you're celebrating Christmas today, we hope you have a fantastic holiday season. We also hope you keep on coming back here, because we're dead-set on growing the community even more. Starting Thursday, Rosin will have a nice look at the upcoming 2015 recruits the Badgers might have their eyes on. Next week, we of course have the Capital One Bowl and the start of Big Ten basketball season. We've been very fortunate to have some outstanding teams over the last year, and everything seems trending upward for 2014. We sincerely hope you come experience it with us.

So enjoy the day with your family, but if you want to stop by, please do so! We'll be popping in the comments throughout the day to chat holiday gifts, food/drink selection, wish lists for the Badgers in 2014 and whatever else. Whether or not you stop by, know that we could not appreciate this community more.

On Wisconsin, everyone.