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LIVE GAME THREAD: Indiana Hoosiers vs. No. 17 Wisconsin Badgers

Wisconsin steamrolls Indiana, 51-3.

Graphic: Phil Mitten

I know. We're late. And we're sorry. The good news is? Indiana was driving and Sojourn Shelton was all like, nope. And then he made with an interception. Very next play James White scored.

93 yards.

It looks like it may be that kind of game kids. The kind where we actually end up going to what's beyond Corey Clement in the backfield and seeing what's in store. As such, you know what you're gonna do. I know what you're gonna do.

So if you're on ESPN2 and wondering where this is. If you've got Lepay on the radio and you're wondering where this is. If you need us to to get you through a dull day of work? We're here. We promise.

We're sorry we're late. We're happy it's already 17-0. And quite frankly, we're going to have some fun in this comment section.

Because we love you, readers. We promise.