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#AskB5Q: Melvin Gordon and the BCS

The Mailbag answers worries of the fate of Melvin Gordon and if we can get back in the BCS hunt.

Mike McGinnis

Hello and welcome back to #AskB5Q. I open the floor for your questions. I give you my answers. It's an open and honest exchange of ideas with you the reader.

This week? The mailbag's a little lighter, but we've got some juicy questions.

The opening salvo comes from Connor Smith, asking about everyone's favorite running back.

Melvin Gordon can declare at any point from now until graduation, as Bret Bielema redshirted him in 2011. It's as simple as that. As far as the reports go, when he was wrecking defenses, he was shooting up the draft boards. He was listed in a couple of early mocks as a first-round pick. His floor was at the end of the second round.

But the question is, would he declare this season? Now, a good thing if you're a Badger fan is that this current era is likely going to be bereft of running backs as top-10 picks. Also, the recruitment of Joe Keels gives Gordon a familial reason to wait at least one more season before testing the NFL waters. But that being said, he's going to be healthier sooner than later. He's going to get back to wrecking defenses before the year is out.

So, while it's likely that he returns next year, I would not completely dismiss the chances he chases the NFL dream.

The folks of University and State give us the other question about hope and the BCS.

Short answer? There's a chance, but you might not like the path you'd need to root for.

Long answer: You're going to have to root for Ohio State to get the job done and win out. Because if the Buckeyes trip up, they still need to trip up again before the conference championship game for the Badgers to get one more BCS game through that sort of method. That being said, should they get the job done, there's definitely reason for the Badgers to like their chances.

For one, the BCS is not tied in to taking the loser of the conference championship game. Missouri got throttled by Oklahoma in 2007, and it was forced to take a lesser bowl in favor of the Kansas Jayhawks (this actually happened). For two? For the Sugar Bowl or the Fiesta Bowl, the Badgers' reputation for traveling well to bowls would help, as a first-time visit to those locales for those bowls would bring in the economic money. Business-wise, they definitely have an in. For three? If Wisconsin comes together like it could, it's going to come into the process hot.

Percentage-wise? If Wisconsin beats Northwestern, I'd give it a 60/40 chance of happening.

That's your #AskB5Q for this week. We'll open the floor in one week's time. For you.

You're welcome.