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#AskB5Q: On Chris Borland, Joe Mixon and Trendy

Is Chris Borland perfect? The meaning of the Joe Mixon recruitment? Will the Badgers be so fetch? Answers are coming.

Chris Borland is great, but he is not perfect.
Chris Borland is great, but he is not perfect.
Jonathan Daniel

Hey friends. It's another round of #AskB5Q. It's a three-question mailbag, and I'm feeling chatty on one of them. So we're going to get right to business with a question from returning #AskB5Q champion Kyle Ashauer.

They're better than you think. But three teams need to drop at least another game for there to be a real chance for the the Badgers to make it a lock by running the table.

1. Stanford (It's got Oregon and UCLA coming to Palo Alto. Whatever that trap game against Utah was can be forgotten quickly if the Cardinal get through those two with a split.)
2. Oklahoma (A loss at Baylor or at Oklahoma State combined with Texas playing three consecutive ranked teams to end the year and the Sooners may be playing for Cotton.)
3. Fresno State (Outside of a road game in Laramie, Fresno State does not play a team that has allowed fewer than 28 points, and no team that has outscored its opponents and given up fewer than 35. This is a team that can win enough to steal a BCS berth. And this instance, it would be ours.)

So yeah, it's less than 167 1/3 percent of a chance, but it's pretty solid if the Badgers do their jobs.

On to the second straight week a colleague has entered with a question, our old pal and sausage king Jake Kocorowski has entered with a question about the versatility of Chris Borland.

Chris Borland is a lot of things. The heart and soul of the defense, the Sebastian Janikowski of our hearts, he could probably do what Derek Watt does, too. Maybe even better. But friend, what you are asking is for the perfect throw. And while Borland is great...

He is most definitely not perfect.

Anyway, our final question's a good one. It's about recruiting. It's about the star high schooler everyone's hoping will make his way to Madison. Joe Snodgrass asks...

Short answer? Yes.

Long answer, if Mixon decides to commit, he will be the highest regarded running back the Badgers have brought on campus since Ron Dayne. He will be the first five-star non-lineman this millennium. Mixon has a chance to change the game for the Badgers simply by walking through the doors of the practice facility next August.

Even if Oklahoma or the team he visits last ends up getting the commitment, this is still an important moment. It shows we can not just beat the bushes for talent and coach them up good; we can go after the high school stars. We can go national. And maybe it's not Mixon that changes the game.

But the fact of the matter is the Badgers are going to get that recruit. And they will get that recruit sooner rather than later.

Anyway, next week's going to be another bye week #AskB5Q. Get your questions ready. I'll be waiting.

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