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Let's Rate Things: With the Wisconsin Badgers

Halfway through the regular season, how about we accurately measure where the Badgers rate?

There's a little bit of a surprise as to who's second in tackles on Wisconsin's defense.
There's a little bit of a surprise as to who's second in tackles on Wisconsin's defense.
Joe Robbins

It's the midway point. Things seem to be on their balance. The expectations have been meet, and despite Jalen Brown's not coming to Madison, there's excitement in recruiting.

This cannot stand. Controversy creates cash, as they say. So you know what? We're gonna play a game. Overrated. Underrated. Perfectly Rated. By the end of this post, you'll know where the Badgers are. And this will be perfectly accurate.


James White: Underrated

I know what you're saying. He's the starting running back. He's got 18 catches. He's a pretty good pass blocker. He's going to be in the NFL next year. He's underrated. Why? Because Melvin Gordon is a running back god. Put him on, like 120 other teams, and we'd see him getting the appreciation he deserves.

Melvin Gordon: Overrated


Jared Abbrederis: Perfectly Rated

He's a great receiver. The integral part of the passing game. Probably the second-best player on the Wisconsin offense. Will we miss him when he's gone? Yes. Will we be glad for his remaining time here? Totes. He's perfectly rated.

Jacob Pedersen: Underrated

I've overrated him. It's not in the fashion of the fact that he's not a good player, because he's a good player. I thought he was going to be in the Beckum-Daniels class of tight ends. He hasn't met my expectations, but I think this is my fault.

Joel Stave: Perfectly Rated

Thought I was gonna play patterns, huh? But what we have with Joel Stave is a good quarterback with a pretty deep ball. He's improved from last year, but he still has some room for improvement. Even despite this season, I wouldn't be surprised if he's going to have to re-win the starting job next season, and the season after that.

The Offensive Line: Underrated

As question marks go? This one was answered pretty well. The Badgers are rushing for over 7 yards per attempt. This leads the nation. They are fifth on a per-game basis. They aren't being eaten alive on the pass rush or in terms of tackles per loss. They're imperfect. But they're a strong B+/A-, and that's coming off of all the summer of worry.

Sojourn Shelton: Perfectly Rated

If you think he's a future star, anyway. You might be underrating someone who is perfectly rated. This cannot stand. Get up on that.

Chris Borland: Perfectly Rated

Despite the fact that the stupid NFL is going to deduct draft points because he's short. He's a sideline-to-sideline tackling machine and he's going to be the favorite for defensive player of the year. He's great. You know he's great.

Dezmen Southward: Overrated


Warren Herring: Perfectly Rated

An intriguing piece for 2014? Someone showing flashes of brilliance as he's gone along? A breakout could be coming for Warren Herring. And as such? He's perfectly rated.

Michael Caputo: Underrated

As an in-the-box run support safety goes, Caputo's definitely proven himself worthy. He's currently second on the Badgers in tackles. And he's definitely someone who's going to be a threat for the Badgers as Dave Aranda starts plugging in more attacks to his defense.

And there it is, a brief list of perfectly accurate ratings the Badgers as we head into the second half of the season. You might disagree. You might be upset. But before you get too outraged, ask me how I feel about this premise.