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#AskB5Q: Second receivers and running the table

It's an emotional day in the mailbag as I explore my feelings. My football feelings.

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Hi. It's mailbag time again. You know how it goes. You ask me. I answer you. Here. On this post.

It's another two question week. But that's fine. I'm not going to say no to a two question week. Especially when our first question asks me to talk about a gut feeling. I loves my gut feelings. So when our old pal Ri0 asked this...

I couldn't say no.

Truth be told I would put it at about 90 percent the Badgers win their final six games. This one? This one feels like something of a 60/40 scenario. Northwestern can pass. And there have been struggles with the Badgers when it comes to teams that can sling the pigskin efficiently.

But if the Badgers pull this one out, I would have the chances kick up to somewhere around 92 percent. There are three teams I can conceive of pulling off the upset in the back half of the schedule. But these are all teams with fundamental flaws of their own. So, to actually answer your question? I'd call it about 65 percent. Gotta win this to win out.

And today marks the first actual writer who dared ask a question. Hockey impresario and golden god Andy Johnson decided to ask about the thing that everyone has a question on, regarding the football team.

They don't have trustworthy receivers. Pure and simple. Jacob Pedersen's good sophomore year has bore out to be more of a product of the fact that Nick Toon and Jared Abbrederis are NFL talents. Jordan Frederick just can't separate. And with the others, there have been miscommunication issues.

That being said? James White is on pace to catch 40 balls this season. Pedersen was second last year for the Badgers with 27. There is a second target for Stave to throw to. You're just not going to go deep with it.

Anyway, that's all the questions I have this week. Hang out on your twitter Thursday night and maybe, just maybe, you can be a part of next week's. #AskB5Q