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Report: Leon Jacobs to commit

The Golden Valley (Calif.) outside linebacker becomes the next addition to Gary Andersen's class.

Dan Agnew/Santa Clarita Valley Signal

We can add another one to Gary Andersen's commitment list.

Outside linebacker Leon Jacobs becomes the second official Gary Andersen commitment to this class. And like Jakarrie Washington, Jacobs is a tremendous athlete, only really concentrating on football for his senior season of high school. He wasn't in a real situation to put up the most amazing of stats, as he mainly played running back for his senior season for a team that finished 0-10. Jacobs also had his season cut short by a hip injury, though he did have the skills to put up 6 yards per carry for that very same team.

Defensive coordinator Dave Aranda recruited Jacobs personally, so it's entirely possible we'll see him sooner rather than later, especially with the change in scheme. But there's a definite theme developing.

The Badgers want them some athletes, and they're getting them.