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Jakarrie Washington to Commit

The Everett, Mass., speedster becomes the first commit in Gary Andersen's tenure.

Mike Kearney/Everett Advocate

One of the bugaboos about the Badgers in recent seasons has been that question of athleticism. They're good enough to trade punches with another Big Ten team, but if there's a team with good athleticism, it's been a bit of a struggle. But Gary Andersen's first commitment to the Badgers looks to change all that.

Jakarrie Washington comes from the Boston area, and his major asset is his athleticism. He has an estimated 4.4 40-yard dash time, and in his senior year he turned just 108 offensive touches into 1,136 yards of offense and an eye-popping 24 touchdowns.

The Badgers were latecomers to the race to recruit Washington, only entering the proceedings in the last week. But after Bill Busch's home visit and the ensuing offer? He was only too happy to add his name to the recruitng class.

The expectation is that he is going to play cornerback when he comes to Madison, but someone who is considered the fastest player in the state of Massachusetts is likely to find himself something to do with his time on the Badgers.