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Badger Bits: What a weird week it has been

Wisconsin basketball upset Indiana on Tuesday. One day later, we found out that Manti Te'o's girlfriend ever existed. Those two things don't have anything to do with each other, except that I can't stop thinking about them.


I don't know if there has ever been a week that encompassed as many of my emotions towards sports. On Monday I told you how much fun it was watching Wisconsin dominate and Russell Wilson carry the world on his shoulders. Tuesday night gave us the most satisfying win in any Wisconsin sport since ... the 2011 Nebraska game maybe? And Wednesday gave us what I hope turns out to be the weirdest, saddest story of 2013.

On the win: If you had to pick out one player who elevated his game the most, who would you take? I think an argument could be made for Ryan Evans, Mike Bruesewitz, Jared Berggren, Traevon Jackson and Sam Dekker, all of whom contributed in unique ways. Ben Brust too, though I want to say he was a tick below those five. Then again, his dunk was a thing of beauty. Frank Kaminsky might have been the runaway winner if he had been able to play more. Let's call it six guys all playing in a heightened state, adding up to what was essentially a perfect win. I hope it portends a strong season, but if not at least it made us feel really good about ourselves for a little while.

On Te'o: I feel mugged. I don't like not knowing what to think. I've gone back-and-forth but I'm starting to think that the guy was duped, that he really did care for a woman who never existed, and that somebody actually did think it was good idea to screw with the emotions of 260-pound Samoan (Note: Don't ever do this, for obvious reasons). I believe this, because I can't understand the "why?" otherwise. But heck I don't know, and until I know something it's impossible to have a sympathetic reaction. It's just a lot of information with nowhere to vent. I think Twitter jokes are the only thing keeping people from losing their minds.

It'd be nice if sports could be left just to the field/court/ice/mats/etc. Once upon a time, they pretty much could. Now to be a sports fan means getting to know athletes on a personal level (because they invite you, for the most part) and becoming involved with drama far removed from the box score. It's all so bizarre if you think about, reading about Wisconsin's title chances one moment, then the next combing the Twitter account of someone who may or may not know who Lennay Kekua is. I haven't figured out if I like it or not.


I know you're not sick of reading about Tuesday's game, so check Crimson Quarry for some solid analysis with a hint of schadenfreude.

After the Markuson debacle, T.J. Woods assures us that he won't be rocking the boat.

Dave Aranda says Wisconsin will run a 4-3 that acts a lot like what people associate with a 3-4 defense, a.k.a., blitzing, confusion, etc., etc.

Florida kicks off the Fulmer Cup with a 7-pointer: Fat guy grand theft moped.

This is the wrong sport to affect the Fulmer Cup, but it is a very Sparty thing:

According to the Centre Country Report, two Michigan State players were involved in a scuffle this morning at the Nittany Lion Inn. University police were called to the scene at 11:11am (my wish came true!). No arrests have been made and the identities of the players involved are unknown at this time.

The ESPN blog breaks down the best and worst of Wisconsin's season. See if you can guess which two games they picked.

Wrapping Up: Montee Ball's decision to drop out of the Senior Bowl is starting to make more sense. First round pick, y'all. He's ranked as Kiper's No. 2 running back behind, I'm guessing, Lacy. I don't have Insider so someone tell me if I'm right. Also, I usually back all things mothership, but Ball deserves better than No. 9 in their running back rankings, methinks.