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Badger Bits: Let's Look at the Schedule

With the heart of the Big Ten schedule coming up, it's going to be a true test over the next 11 games that will determine where the Badgers are going to be come March.

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Football players dancing at the Kohl Center is funny, right?
Football players dancing at the Kohl Center is funny, right?
Mary Langenfeld-US PRESSWIRE

To say that Wisconsin has a tough schedule coming up would be a giant understatement. Over the next 11 games, nine of those 11 teams are currently ranked in the top 25, and with the exception of #22 Michigan State, eight of the teams are ranked in the top 15.

When you start talking about a "tournament resume," these are the types of games that a potential bubble team needs to win. I know it’s crazy to think Wisconsin is going to win all of these games, although that would be incredibly impressive.

Here’s what can’t happen: Other than two games against Iowa, I would say that Wisconsin would need to go at least 6-5 during this stretch and improve to 17-9. Then the Badgers finish the season with four of their last five games against the bottom tier of the Big Ten standings.

If the Badgers season plays out how I believe it will, then they will have a regular season record of 22-9 and would more than likely end up with a moderate seed in the NCAA Tournament.

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