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Report: Tyler Foreman To Decommit

One of the current crown jewels of the Badgers recruiting class re-opens the process.

Has our former linebackers coach poached one of our star recruits?
Has our former linebackers coach poached one of our star recruits?
Kyle Terada

One of the worries about all the tumult from the coaching search was in regards to the question of the recruiting class. It promised to be a good one. It promised to be one well regarded coming in. And despite having Class of 2014's Craig Evans open up his recruiting, this years class remained mostly intact.

Sure, we lost Tiquenton Coleman, but a two-star junior college safety wasn't someone we were inclined to lose much sleep over. We still had Corey Coleman coming, and Tyler Foreman was a four-star talent who could very well force his way into action and do so with a quickness. He was wavering, but he was still in Wisconsin's stead.

At least that was until...

The recent recruiting buzz was that the Cal Golden Bears were making a late push for Foreman, and when you consider their recent hire of Andy Buh (who's credited with with bringing Foreman's commit to Wisconsin), you have to figure that Cal has to be in the lead, with local favorite UCLA not out of the race as well.

As the recruiting process goes, this one stings. Bielema was planning on bringing in a plethora of safeties to help replenish the depth chart with the loss of Shelton Johnson to graduation. As it stands right now, three-star athlete Marcus Ball and two-star local boy Matt Hubley are the only players who could help out at the position.