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Badgers not a lock for Leaders Division apparently


One of the narratives that the Badgers had going for them coming into this season was the fact that there was a nigh absolute stone cold lead pipe lock that the Badgers were going to be the Leaders Division champions. With Jim Tressel knowing that Ohio State was in some trouble, and his cover up seeming quaint once all that started in State College, Pa., the trophy was as good as ours.

At least until it wasn't.

See, the Big Ten conference confirmed to ESPN's Adam Rittenberg, that if Ohio State or Penn State finish with a better record in conference than Wisconsin, they're going to get a trophy and are going to be allowed to claim the title as their own in the media guide.

And quite frankly, I'm appalled. The worst thing that you can say about Wisconsin in recent years is that our coach has stolen from the Steve Spurrier playbook. Let's be honest, the Badgers are still the team to beat in the Leaders Division. But you know what I want? In the off chance that Ohio State betters the Badgers, I want the Badgers to steal back the trophy that is rightfully ours.

I mean, if you can't be rewarded for clean living, then what exactly is it good for?

Nothing. May as well go to Pizza Ranch and close their buffet if Jim Delany has anything to do with it.