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Badger Bits: We won, guys!

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Montee Ball leads the Badgers onto the field to face the Northern Iowa Panthers at Camp Randall Stadium.
Montee Ball leads the Badgers onto the field to face the Northern Iowa Panthers at Camp Randall Stadium.

I missed Saturday's game flying back home for Labor Day weekend. I followed along on my phone with the help of a constant stream of text messages from friends providing context (Midway bars don't get BTN) and felt concerned but mildly at ease as I boarded the plane with the Badgers leading 13-0.

Just after the plane touched down I turned on my phone and was flooded with about a dozen text messages at once. A quick skim gave off a vague sense of doom so I checked the Gamecast in time to see Wisconsin go 3-and-out, giving Northern Iowa the ball back for a potential game-winning drive. Ethan Hemer knocked down the fourth down pass to seal the game, thankfully avoiding catastrophe.

Saturday was ugly, but it could have been worse and that is the most encouraging takeaway from the game. There is a big difference between winning and losing. It's the difference between being able to eat breakfast the next morning and staring forlorn at your cheerios getting soggy and disintegrating in tepid milk. Winning ugly is aggravating, losing is miserable.

I've moved from "optimistic" to "cautiously optimistic", and will quickly move back if the Badgers take care of Oregon State this weekend. We're 1-0, and thank goodness for that.

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