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Wisconsin vs. Nebraska Pixelated

Who's who? Maybe Adidas wants Saturday night to look like an Indiana-Texas Tech game.

It's Nebraska week folks! And we all know that means one thing -- crazy uniform time! Early last month Adidas rolled out their TECHFIT uniforms for the game game between the Cornhuskers and the Badgers that it has dubbed "The Quick and The Red." But I'm guessing some of us pushed that memory to the back of our minds. (Let's ignore the fact that there might be an Adidas ad showing UW's new gear right next to this article as you read it.)

Well, it's game week now, so if you had forgotten about the unis and all your girlfriend's internet searches for online shopping put a picture of a dress next to this article, here is a reminder of what both sides will be wearing this Saturday night in Lincoln, Neb. Since neither uniform reminds me of the teams they are representing, in my mind all I see is this ... Tecmo-style ...

It looks like EA Sports already beat me to the punch with the video game uniform thing, but oh well. At least the players like wearing something different:

See other uniform variations making their debut across college football in Week 5.