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Backpacking Through SB Nation: Tom Osborne's Retirement, Big Ten Grades

Links from throughout SB Nation discuss Nebraska's soon-to-be former AD, as well as non-conference grades.

Eric Francis - Getty Images

As I'm writing this, Mark Dantonio's press conference is being shown on SportsCenter.

"Coach, does your offense need to play better vs. Ohio State?" "Yes, next question."

"Coach, [I already forgot the question]?" "Yes, next question?"

A few more "Next questions," and Dantonio was gone, a la a quick-but-not-quite Lane Kiffin early exit. Of course, not before dropping a "Go Green, Go White." The only colors, as they say.

This all makes a terrific segue into our look at early-week SB Nation content relevant to the Big Ten. Off Tackle Empire has a great report card for conference teams after their respective non-conference slates, while there was some actual news (news!) coming out of Nebraska this morning.

I also wanted to include a link from The Daily Gopher discussing the state of Minnesota's program after its stunning/impressive/can't-quite-believe-it 4-0 start. The Badgers host the Gophers on Oct. 20, and even as TDG mentions UW's frequent beatdowns of their arch rivals over the past several years, you have to imagine things could be different this year. Oy.

Grading the B1G in the Non-Con: Off Tackle Empire

I found this a very fair, accurate and detailed report card on the Big Ten's performance through the first four weeks. As much as I'd like to find qualms with Wisconsin's lackluster grade, it's deserved and explained away, also with a nod to the plucky upstarts the Badgers faced.

It turns out Oregon State isn't too shabby of a squad. This Wisconsin team's struggles are well-documented, but it just fascinates me how beatable Wisconsin is at home. The coulda, woulda game can go both ways, but 1-score games against both Northern Iowa and Utah State?!

Tom Osborne Announces His Retirement As Nebraska's Athletic Director: Corn Nation

Updates and reactions are sure to filter in throughout the day, but Corn Nation already has a StoryStream up to capture everything.

Osborne will continue in the position until January 1st, 2013. The decision for a successor will be made by UNL Chancellor Harvey Perlman after an open search process. Osborne will stick around for six months after the position is filled to assist in any transition.

The Monday Perspective After a Golden Weekend: The Daily Gopher

Yes, as mentioned above, the Gophers are 4-0. But while you might expect a post in the aftermath of Minnesota's fourth win to be full of over-exuberant celebration and ridiculous digs at us Badgers, this one is anything but. A good recap of UM's season to date breaksdown the good and bad, while a brief look at their upcoming conference opponents wraps it all within the context of tempered expectations for a hopefully riveting Big Ten season.

First and foremost we should be very excited about the defense, which has been vastly better than anticipated. The eye test makes it obvious, the stats prove it.

2011 2012
PPG Allowed 26.8 16.8
Pass Yds Allowed 278.5 179.0
Rush Yds Allowed 104.8 128.5
Opp 3rd Down % 46.9% 35.4%
Sacks 2 11
Turnovers Generated 4 10