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BlogPoll Week 4 Ballot: Peace Out, Michigan

The Wolverines fall out of this week's Top 25, but should UCLA and Arizona have as well?

On my first draft of this ballot -- which is also still a first draft, so let me know if you think I should make any big changes -- I had Michigan, UCLA and Arizona staying alive in the low 20s.

After all, Michigan wasn't exactly upset by Notre Dame. We've also seen firsthand how underrated Oregon St. might be, so maybe UCLA didn't deserve a huge tumble. And Arizona? Well, they probably do deserve to be booted after not mustering a single point against Oregon.

By the way, I've had Oregon at No. 2 all along, even above LSU. The Ducks have a quite a few primetime games coming up over the next several weeks, and I, for one, am thrilled about that. Of course they're fun to watch, but I have a feeling this Oregon squad could be the run to really make some beyond-Rose Bowl noise this year.

So what'd I mess up? What'd I get right? Today's obviously big SB Nation United day, but I believe polls are still open. If so, I'm happy to discuss changes and alter my ballot before the final one goes up.