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NFL Badgers Week 3: Turn Up The Wattage

J.J. Watt continues to light up opposing offenses in the NFL.
J.J. Watt continues to light up opposing offenses in the NFL.

Considering Russellmania III takes place during Monday Night Football when Seattle plays Green Bay, the majority of Wisconsin Badger fans will have no problem tracking rookie quarterback Russell Wilson's progress in Week 3.

So, forgoing Wilson this week, we lead with former Badger defensive lineman J.J. Watt, who upped the ante yesterday after an already impressive start to his 2012 campaign.

No, he didn't swat more passes at the line, but he did register season highs in both sacks (2.5) and total tackles (7). You cannot overemphasize how well Watt is playing right now. He's explosive, plays all three downs (end or tackle) and is smart on the field. As much as you thought Mario Williams was indispensable for the Texans before last season, Watt is more so. Could another Defensive Player of the Week honor be on the horizon?

I know you were expecting a Watt highlight here, but instead, how about video of Owen Daniels blasting through a Bronco DB at the goal line for his first touchdown of the year? Daniels caught three passes for 26 yards and was greeted by his successor in Madison, Garrett Graham, after the score.

The Badgers run deep at tight end in the NFL, of course. Graham made two catches for 39 yards to help Houston run its record to 3-0. Lance Kendricks added a season-high three receptions for 18 yards for the St. Louis Rams. (Travis Beckum is out the first six weeks of the season on the New York Giants' PUP list in case you were wondering.)

Back on the defensive side, Arizona went 3-0 thanks, in part, to O'Brien Schofield's six tackles and very first sack of the season.

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