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Week 5 Poll, Uhh, Roundup: Coaches Still Rank Wisconsin


Quick summation: a 37-26 win over UTEP elicited eight more votes from the AP Top 25 voters and the coaches still ranked Wisconsin.

Quick reaction: for real?

I don't think anyone will quarrel with the "rise" in the AP Top 25. After all, the Badgers did win. And who knows, maybe UTEP's another one of these "better than you think" 1-3 teams. Bret Bielema did say this has been the toughest non-conference slate of his head coaching tenure.

But still being in the coaches poll? A one-spot rise, while 4-0 Northwestern and Minnesota are still relegated to "Others receiving votes?" Heck, after all the "Big Ten is crap" talk that filled my Twitter timeline yesterday, you'd expect to see X's next to every Legends and Leaders squad in these polls.

And, worst of all, I'm relegated to defending Minnesota. Damn. I'll just leave it to SB Nation's "The Solid Verbal" to figure this all out: