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SB Nation United Is Coming to Bucky's 5th Quarter

This is a peek at one version of how front page stories can be arranged when B5Q moves to the new SB Nation platform.

You may remember two weeks ago when we teased what will be the new logo for the site when SB Nation rolls out its new United concept. Well, the rollout is right around the corner and we want you to be aware of the exciting changes you will see very soon.

We hope to achieve many goals with the redesign.

With SB Nation United, Bucky's 5th Quarter will take an incredible leap forward with a clean, modern and ever evolving layout. Readers will enjoy faster loading times to get this content to you even quicker than before.

Another focus of the transition has been improving the mobile experience, so the great desktop content you have come to enjoy will appear as you'd hope, whether you log on from your phone or tablet. Some of your favorite parts of this community -- Comments, FanPosts, FanShots, etc. -- may move around, but they are still there going to be there for you to interact with each other.

After the jump you'll see a couple more previews of how different aspects of the redesigned site could look, using promo snippets from other college sites and

Multiple Front Page Layout Designs

Below is another one of the six or so layout configurations that you will see in an effort to promote the best, most popular content on the site. The traditional, reverse chronological post order you are used to continues below the featured cover stories.



These have been used on the flagship site for awhile and now they'll be available as a storytelling device for individual sites.


Mobile platform

See? Not exactly the same as the desktop version, but a similarly improved look, feel and behavior. This snapshot is from a mobile phone, but they'll be another incarnation for those using tablets.


The more I become familiar with the new tools at our disposal, the more I am looking forward to the rollout. All of us at B5Q can't wait to show you.