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Backpacking Through SB Nation: Wisconsin Is Blatz Beer?

8. Wisconsin, 63 Points--Blatz


A Wisconsin brewed beer, it's relatively unspectacular, has a bad skunk odor if you let it get warm, and leaves a nasty aftertaste, although you don't expect it to. Much like Wisconsin's offense. Fave beer of 'Sconny brahs, bro.

I guess it's come to this.

You'd figure in any sort of power rankings involving beer, Wisconsin and football, the Badgers wouldn't have much of a challenge. Heck -- and granted, I'm not from Wisconsin -- but I've never even heard of Blatz beer.

So what's this all about?

Our, uhh, friends at Off Tackle Empire released their Week 3 B1G Power Poll this morning, and it's bluntly titled "Bad Football Equals Bad Beer." It all makes sense now.

Whether you agree or not on Wisconsin's association to Blatz. I encourage you to check out Ted Glover's poll. It's always a good read, and if nothing more, you can argue how in the world Natty Light deserves to check in at No. 5.

Head below the jump for a few more links.

UTEP Taking Care of the Rock Early -- Miner Rush

We'll have our opponent Q&A with Miner Rush coming later in the week, but this post is a good, quick look at how the Miners' offense has been functioning so far. Especially with Nebraska and the rest of Big Ten play just around the corner, I have a funny feeling about this one -- though I now realize I'll probably be seeing that for the rest of the season.

The Numerical, Week 3: Fast Starts, False Starts And Poor, Poor Colorado --

As always, Bill Connolley's "The Numerical" series is a must-read. A rundown of the most important numbers from Week 3 complete with a few highlights and a good 'ol .GIF at the end, it's definitely worth your time this week. Here's where the Badgers factor in:

3.8. Yards per carry averaged by Wisconsin's Montee Ball in a 16-14 win over Utah State. Ball carried 37 times for 139 yards and a touchdown, and the Badgers needed a punt return touchdown and a late missed field goal to hold off the Aggies. Utah State outgained Wisconsin, 308 to 234, and seized the game's only turnover; honestly, Wisconsin winning felt like a bit of an upset.

FSU v. Clemson & More: Week 4 By Shutdown Fullback --

This week doesn't touch on Wisconsin and, yes, I know, the ACC, but it's got Jason Kirk and Spencer Hall, and that's about all you need. The weekly series is always worth your time, and this week, they also take a look at some of this week's big games in FSU-Clemson, Arizona-Oregon and Michigan-Notre Dame.