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Is "Doing the Gopher" Plagiarism?

Even a Badgers fan has to admit that Minnesota's riding high at the moment. They're halfway to bowl eligibility, they lead the Big Ten in defensive yards per play, MarQueis Gray will likely be back for their big rivalry game against a certain team in Madison whose blog can't go an article without mentioning that their offense is scuffling badly. Face it, this has been the best run for Minnesota since Laurence Maroney was in the backfield.

And then today? This video made the rounds.

I'm not here to mock the video in and of itself. There was a time where Jump Around was a nascent tradition. And now it's unassailable. (Though in all seriousness, dance pop is not a good look.)

But as the video isn't great, I put it up on my Twitter feed. I wanted to put it up to see if someone else felt like mocking this. No one really did. But, Scott Grauer noticed something interesting.

Doing the Gopher is step for step the same as Doing the Mario! And when you do the Mario, you have the authority of the late great professional wrestling legend Captain Lou Albano.

The Gophers. Even when they're winning, they're doing it wrong.