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The Solid Verbal, Live As Always

The Solid Verbal is live yet again at 6 p.m. CT.
The Solid Verbal is live yet again at 6 p.m. CT.

Tonight will be the night. We promise.

At least we're pretty sure.

Err, Utah State is one of those plucky upstarts.

Tonight just seems like one of those games where you're not quite sure what to expect until kickoff, or later. Utah State has looked good so far, and Wisconsin just hasn't.

How's that for analysis?

We'll have our Badgers-Aggies GameThreat up shortly, but there's also another fine option for company and conversation during tonight's slate of games: The Solid Verbal.

Whatever you're watching tonight, why not watch along with the Solid Verbal, featuring Dan Rubenstein and Ty Hildenbrandt? Follow the show on Twitter to stay up to speed and get involved!

The show will kick off in the YouTube embed below at 7 p.m. ET, right around when the big 3:30 ET games end and just before the big night games really get going.

Catch up on all the day's action so far, and prep for tonight's compelling slate of evening games with the live edition of The Solid Verbal, which you can watch right here beginning at 6:00 pm CT. Dan Rubenstein and Ty Hildenbrand provide an hour of nothing but pure, sweet college football talk, with an appropriate blend of updates, analysis, and humor. Click play at 6:00 pm CT, mute whichever bype-bot is making you dumber on the game you're watching, and do the smart thing instead: The Solid Verbal - Live.