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Better Know A Badger: Beau Allen

Beau Allen's got a future at this Twitter game.
Beau Allen's got a future at this Twitter game.

Friends, social media is a way that we can look into the heart and mind of an athlete. Will Hill's Twitter account was on another level of crazy, and I'd like to believe that we can see a window into the player through it. If they let you. (Man, what do you HAVE TO HIDE, Jerry Ponio?)

So, in the interests of helping you find out what exactly makes our favorite athletes tick, noted Twitter account @thegnc is going to help break down some of the accounts of our great athletes. In seeing what sort of Twitter style they have, perhaps we can find out a little something about their character. Or their intangibles.

Could this be bunk? Maybe. Is this psuedoscience? Absolutely! But like a TV judge, you're going to see where I'm going with this. And you're warning me. I'm on a short leash.

But we'll start with a pretty good one: Beau Allen (@Beau_Allen).

Strengths: Engagement. His timeline is a lot of replies and retweets. This is the sort of thing you want. After all, if you're going to be on the darn thing, you want to be talking to people. Beau's a good follow if you follow other Badger athletes. Especially Curt Phillips. They have that sort of antagonistic friendship that is bound to have some hilarious moments as the season goes along.

And another thing? He doesn't prefix his retweets with "whoa," or "big, if true," or "noted." This is the sort of thing that makes your twitter account essentially ballast. And Allen's account is most definitely not.

Negatives: I will always couch my negatives with the caveat that I use caps lock on Twitter a lot and I've live tweeted Hart of Dixie. I may still live tweet Hart of Dixie. And I am a Twitter gunner. So, clearly, I'm doing it wrong. So nevermind this one.

Go on. Never mind this.


Beau Allen can be a little too hashtag happy.

Now can we move on?

Favorite Tweet?

Truly, it is the good sit of beverages.

All in all? Allen seems like a good dude. He's a solid call if you're looking for a Badger to follow on the twitter. If he ever takes a picture of himself in the American Flag T-shirt he tweeted about 169 days ago? He would finally overtake that dastardly Iowan Ricky Stanzi and become the Big Ten player most representative of America.

I grade him as a follow.

(If you have any suggestions on Badger Twitter accounts to break down? Comment below.)