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Badger Bits: Markuson Firing, A Performance-Based Move Of Desperation

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It's difficult for Heisman finalist Montee Ball to find much success on the ground when his offensive line is in such disarray.
It's difficult for Heisman finalist Montee Ball to find much success on the ground when his offensive line is in such disarray.

It's not surprising the focus of Bielema's press conference (full transcript here) centered around the firing of offensive line coach Mike Markuson. But while fans and media members hoped for an answer to why the coach was let go so suddenly, Bielema's responses only left more ambiguity.

Despite multiple questions on the lackluster play of the offensive line and how Markuson's technique may not have fit very well, Bielema strayed away from directly answering those questions. He alluded to the fact that personal issues in Markuson's life played a role in the decision.

"But for some personal matters, Mike is an a guy that really cares about his family," Bielema said. "And I think there's a lot of weighing factors. Mike has a son in high school that I know was pulling on him quite a bit."

"His daughter is a freshman in college back in Mississippi and a wife that's back there. I think he's going to make a transition to get back with them and see where the next step takes him. But wish him the best of luck."

Something doesn't quite add up here.

Markuson went on SiriusXM College Sports Nation Monday night to discuss his removal. As Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel points out, Markuson talked about how his style didn't quite fit with Wisconsin's. While he thought the transition was bumpy at first, he believed the offensive line had made great strides and was headed in the right direction. He surely didn't expect to be fired Sunday night.

"[Bret] brought me into his office Sunday afternoon after a staff meeting and basically told me he was making a change," Markuson said. "We had talked a few times before about certain things (but) it was a surprise for me...

"I really thought we were making good progress. In light of what has transpired I still believe what I was teaching is the right thing to do. Obviously it didn’t fit into what they wanted at Wisconsin."

It appears Bielema tried to downplay the move, and while there may have been personal issues Markuson was dealing with, I think this move is primarily based on the offensive line's poor performances and how Markuson's style didn't fit the way Bielema had hoped. Lets remember Bielema fired Markuson. He didn't step down. I can't envision Bielema firing Markuson over personal issues, so based off Markuson's comments and the replacement hire of Bart Miller, it certainly seems this was a performance-based decision and move of desperation to correct the offensive line in a hurry.

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