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BlogPoll Week 2 Ballot: Wisconsin, Arkansas Tumble

Voting in SB Nation's BlogPoll is an experience I absolutely enjoy and put my greatest effort into. That said, how much can you legimitately glean from two weeks of football?

I've repeated that same phrase over the last 24 hours or so in reference to our Wisconsin Badgers, owners of a stunning 1-1 record and a brand new addition to a coaching staff that already underwent a six-man turnover in the offseason. Mike Markuson was fired from post as offensive line coach on Sunday, and head coach Bret Bielema made it official in his weekly Monday press conference today.

Nobody thought the Badgers would be here. Non-conference scares aren't exactly foreign in Madison -- remember Arizona State in 2010?

But this? This seems like a remarkably stark return to Earth in the post-Russell Wilson era. Sure, the Badgers lost those six assistant coaches, as well as a couple of offensive lineman and wide receiver Nick Toon. But from the moment he threw his last pass in the Rose Bowl, it seemed Wisconsin had earned a whole year's worth of extraordinary quarterback play from Wilson in 2011. Even after importing another ACC transfer in Danny O'Brien, it seemed as though nobody could feasibly match Wilson's production and sheer brilliance.

So here the Badgers are, and here we are. Admittedly, I don't know much about Arkansas. But, in my opinion, a 34-31 loss to Louisiana-Monroe is enough justification for a 14-spot drop, as you'll see below. Between Arkansas' loss as well as those of Wisconsin and Nebraska, a few teams moved up on my ballot. The greatest beneficiary is Virginia Tech, which rose six spots to No. 13. Stanford, Kansas State and TCU also each rose five spots apiece to Nos. 15, 16 and 17, respectively.

Essentially, my ballot is far from tried and true. If you have any strong feelings or justifications, I'd love to here them. We'll post the mothership's Top 25 on Wednesday.