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The Best Way To Get Yourself Into Camp Randall

Today is Saturday. Today, you should be on your way to Camp Randall Stadium, primed to kickoff another season with exceptional promise the only way you know how: Jumpin' Around the opponent into submission.

After all, what else is the non-conference slate good for besides seeing the opponent Jump Around? Looking at you, San Jose State (though we did only beat them 27-14 in 2010).

Anyway, my reason for this post is to help you get yourself into the best possible seats at the Camp -- at the best possible value. Our friends at TiqIQ have compiled a nifty season preview image of Wisconsin ticket prices you can find on their nifty Badgers marketplace.


What is TiqIQ, you may ask?

TiqIQ essentially arms fans with sophisticated valuation data and tools to help them optimize value when they purchase tickets. A Badgers fan who wants to buy a pair of tickets to this afternoon's home opener (not too late!) can either manually compare the best deals found on a ton of ticket broker sites, or he can just hop on TiqIQ and, with the click of a button, compare the best deals, change search criteria, look at the ticket's pricing trend and more.

Sounds great, right? You can thank me later -- hopefully in the friendly confines of Camp Randall, whenever I'm able to get myself out of D.C. On Wisconsin.