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Badger Bits: Russell Wilson named Seahawks starter, and all seems whole

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Russell Wilson was named the Seahawks' starting quarterback Sunday night to kick game week off perfectly for the Badgers.
Russell Wilson was named the Seahawks' starting quarterback Sunday night to kick game week off perfectly for the Badgers.

Russell Wilson was named the starter for the Seattle Seahawks' season opener late Sunday night, overcoming the debilitating affliction known as "being 5'11 or so." It's been said before, but Mel Kiper is truly the worst. Todd McShay is kind of the worst, though he knew enough to stop trolling when draft day rolled around. For Wisconsin fans the announcement was sweet vindication for being told for months that what they saw on the field in 2011 was a product of "the system" or something, because Wilson-to-Duckworth apparently went exactly as Paul Chryst drew it up.

Wilson earned the job by playing as well as any of the nine other (now 10 total) first- or second-year quarterbacks set to start for an NFL team this season. He went 36-for-56 passing for 464 yards, five touchdowns and just one interception over the course of three preseason games. On Friday, Wilson ran away with his first starting opportunity, going 13-for-19 for 185 yards and two touchdowns against the Kansas City Chiefs. He added 58 yards on the ground to bump his total to over 100 for the preseason.

Everybody wins (except for Matt Flynn, sadly) and now we all get to kick off our game weeks with some Good Vibes. Wisconsin has an NFL starting quarterback, one that appears to have some longevity, and could potentially be adding more down the road. It's a good time to be a fan, and it's an even better time to be Russell Wilson.

But perhaps most importantly, draft analysts now have one less annoying trope to fire about aimlessly from their quiver. Thank goodness for that. /shakes fist towards Mel Kiper's undisclosed bunker hair salon.

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