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Thoughts are with those in Aurora, Colorado

I understand that this isn't a typical newsworthy post for us at Bucky's 5th Quarter. That said, the events that took place last night in Aurora, Colorado were especially sickening for me, and anyone else who has an ounce of compassion in their body.

Additionally, it was found out this morning that the tragedy struck home to Badger fans. Wisconsin junior-to-be Gavin Hartzog from the UW hockey team tweeted,

Out of compassion, I asked Gavin if his brother had been at the theater during this sickening event. His response?

Doesn't that make your heart sink to the bottom of your stomach?

As if the event itself wasn't maddening enough for any decent human being, here is a UW athlete that we can all relate to, who had his own brother in the building at the time of this disgusting event.

Thoughts and prayers are with the Hartzog family and all of those affected by this repulsive event.