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Badger Bits: Bret Bielema, Bo Ryan and Hate

Bret Bielema and Bo Ryan inspire a lot of hate among rival fanbases. That hate would be nothing without a layer of respect.
Bret Bielema and Bo Ryan inspire a lot of hate among rival fanbases. That hate would be nothing without a layer of respect.

Wisconsin week at OTE wrapped with this Wisconsin hate piece. The piece wasn't so much about all-encompassing hate for the state and university. Rather, it mostly slammed Bret Bielema and Bo Ryan and their on-field/court demeanor. Considering it was penned by a Michigan State blogger, it's not surprising that it focused more on actual sports than territorial chest-beating. The hate is seeping past the Minnesota-Iowa-Illinois borders and that's kind of a good thing.

Do Ryan and Bielema deserve the hate? Yeah, probably. Irrational sports opinions have been built on far subtler ticks than Bo's face and Bret's card. That's one reason why we like this game. It allows us to vent our spleens at faraway objects instead of at people we care about and/or have to diplomatically endure in our work places and grocery stores.

But the important thing to remember about hate is that it's really just a more accomplished form of mockery, the difference being respect. You beat me and you're arrogant? I hate your face. Talking trash after losing? That's cute. It's the reason the Charlie Weis era at Notre Dame was so much fun. It's the reason Mark Dantonio doesn't get as many Sam the Eagle jokes as he should.

I'll take the Bret/Bo hate because it means they're doing something right. Their records bear that out I think. Nobody truly hates a loser.

Well, Danny Hope maybe. But that guy's a jerk.

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