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Which Heisman Trophy Winner Would You Have Loved To See On The Badgers?

EA Sports NCAA Football '13 is out and this year's game includes an interesting new feature where you can put past Heisman Trophy winners on any team.

So, with that in mind, which Heisman Trophy winners from other teams would have loved to see play for the Badgers?

For me, Desmond Howard's name immediately jumped to mind, but ultimately, I think I would go with Barry Sanders. No one was as electric as Sanders and he would have fit in perfectly with the legacy of running backs Wisconsin is currently building.

Of course, Sanders' records are the ones that always seem to come up when we talk about Montee Ball, who will make another run at the Heisman Trophy this season.


This post was sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 13. Check out the video for the game below.

EA SPORTS NCAA Football 13 TV: "Son" (via EASPORTS)