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Badger Bits: Uthoff headed to Iowa

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Jarrod Uthoff is one of many football and basketball players who initially picked either Wisconsin or Iowa and later changed their mind.
Jarrod Uthoff is one of many football and basketball players who initially picked either Wisconsin or Iowa and later changed their mind.

Former Wisconsin forward Jarrod Uthoff is transferring to Iowa. Because all Big Ten schools were on the restricted list for his transfer, he will not be able to receive an athletic scholarship next season. He will also have to sit out for the second straight year, but he would have had to do that anyways with a transfer to any Division I school in the country. Jim Polzin of the WSJ does a good job of clearing up any other Uthoff misconceptions that are out there.

There's a small amount of vitriol towards Uthoff out there from Badger fans, and I would encourage anyone with a grudge against the kid to move on and wish him well. It's not worth getting angry over possible tampering from Iowa- it's only cheating if you get caught, right? Jarrod may be able to shed some insight to Iowa about Wisconsin's program, but the Badgers aren't exactly the hardest team to figure out in college basketball without an inside scoop.

Uthoff's decision to take two straight years off from college basketball is risky, and no one would go that far just to screw over a program or coach. He wanted out of Madison- maybe the grass looked greener in Iowa City after they beat the Badgers twice last season. It happens. Life's too short to get mad over some 20 year old switching schools. If Frank Kaminsky isn't holding a grudge, neither should we.

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