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Badger Bits: Making old school look cool

Wisconsin has been doing old school so long, it's downright cool again. The team's unique style has also managed to win them a few football games.
Wisconsin has been doing old school so long, it's downright cool again. The team's unique style has also managed to win them a few football games.

Please allow me to get misty eyed for a moment. One of my favorite things about my fair Alma Mater is its unwillingness to move away from the little antiquated things that make it charming. Those things include but aren't limited to: Beer from a rathskeller, oompa-playing tubas, and a brand of football that hasn't fundamentally evolved much beyond what modern rules and safety requirements say they must.

The offense is pure, simple, rock-paper-scissors-style fun. Run the ball, lull them into the false sense of security that is rock, then play-action paper their asses. It's easy to understand, and it has been way more successful than it has any right to be the last few seasons. And the offense should in theory become more effective as defenses prepare for more and more spread offenses.

We've been doing old school so long that it has become new again. Isn't that sort of the definition of cool? Like the last guy playing vinyl looking fresh while the other kids spend their time one step behind technology? I think that makes sense.

Anyway, Andy Staples wrote one of the 20 articles you'll read this season about Wisconsin being big and beefy and manly and tough, among other things. As much as I like Andy Staples, there isn't much to glean from it that you don't already know except this, one of the better Bret Bielema quotes I think I've read (though I would love to be reminded of other choice nuggets):

"We're a very unique preparation," Bielema said. "When you've got seven days to get ready for an opponent, it's not the easiest thing to prepare for. I've read comments in papers where coaches have said, 'We're getting ready to play Wisconsin. We've got to be tough this week.' Well, you can't tap somebody on the head on Monday and say, 'You're tough.' It's something that's in the program 365 days a year."

That about sums it up, right?

Links after the jump:

Brian Bennett wraps up Spring Practice for Wisconsin with answers answered, questions still being questioned, etc.

Athlon had a whole bunch of coverage on Wisconsin this past week. Notably: Will coaching attrition sink the team this season and 2012 predictions.

Russell Wilson isn't waiting to compete for the Seahawks starting job. Pete Carroll confirmed that Wilson will compete with Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson. Hey Mel Kiper, HOW 'BOUT DEM APPLES. Link dump with all sorts of Wilson love.

Bret Bielema is the Sporting News' second best head coach in the conference behind Urbz, and the 12th best in the nation.

Bennett/Rittenberg break down Spring for the conference as a whole. Melvin Gordon gets a lot of love (rightfully) and Wisconsin-Ohio State is tabbed as one of the three conference games to watch this season. Also, Montee Ball is a player to watch but you probably knew that.

Four-star quarterback-type entity Kevin Olsen has Wisconsin in his Top 5 along with Miami, Auburn, South Carolina and Alabama.

Jerel Worthy call Wisconsin's O-line the "by far the best offensive line that I faced in collegiate sports," deviating from Sparty's usual "snide public comments only" policy.

Kyle Jefferson, tired and dehydrated from running two races already, guts out an impressive leg in the 1,600 relay to help Wisconsin to B1G track and field title.

A severely undersized Wisconsin first heavyweight eight earned bronze at the EARC conference championships in Worcester, MA, this past weekend. Head coach Chris Clark had plenty to say before the race.

"I've said this before many times, that there's people die out on the water by suicide, not by homicide. That's generally the way it works. You hate to see that when somebody self inflicted. That happens a lot of the time. That's the worst fear for most coaches, that you just fall apart for some unknown reason. It's a noncontact sport. So they can't board your boat and do whatever pirate people do when they board boats. It can't happen. It's generally self inflicted. We don't even like to talk about it. But I'm talking about it. I'm breaking the taboo. Hopefully they won't do that."

Wrapping Up: Peter Konz does the dirty bird.