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Badger Bits: Barry Alvarez opens up on college football playoffs

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Barry Alvarez advocates using a selection committee to determine the semifinalists in a four-team college football playoff format.
Barry Alvarez advocates using a selection committee to determine the semifinalists in a four-team college football playoff format.

It was mentioned tangentially that Barry Alvarez participated a couple weeks ago in the meetings among conference commissioners, media members and BCS mafioso to begin hashing out a college football playoff format. How Alvarez got a seat at the table is still unclear. He made his way on Entourage somehow, so by comparison this is far less weird and not worth much thought. What was interesting was that Alvarez kept his opinions on the BCS and a revamped postseason to himself during the hullabaloo, at least publicly.

He finally broke the silence Wednesday, speaking to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel to advocate a four-team playoff, and in particular the use of a selection committee to choose the teams.

"I like a committee and I like a committee that might be diverse enough that maybe you have some national sportswriters in it," Alvarez said.

For example:

"(Kirk Herbstreit) is neutral, is on top of it, talks to coaches around the country. And every week you come out with your rankings and possibly explain the process."

For what it's worth, I think our fearless leader is probably right. Whatever method used to choose semifinalists will meet controversy, because it will have to leave out a No. 5 team that will more often than not be a title contender, unlike the 69th team in basketball. Better to outsource the selections to analysts that fans think are relatively intelligent, and have them give clear rationales for their decisions and actually spark something like intelligent discussion.

Computers tend to make people throw up their hands and say "gah, COMPUTERS." The Coaches Poll is a joke even to those who participate in it, and the Harris Poll is as likely to randomly select some nob like Gus Frerotte as it is a coaching legend or HEY PAT RICHTER.

A bunch of guys in a room aren't going to deviate that far from what the computers or polls would spit out anyway, and with a committee fans can sleep a bit better knowing the thoughts and faces behind their team's postseason hosing. It is an imperfect solution, obviously, but as Alvarez points out, at least we would understand the process.

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