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Badger Bits: My roommate is a better draft analyst than Mel Kiper

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Russell Wilson sparked a lively debate between Mel Kiper and Jon Gruden on Friday, minutes before he was selected by the Seattle Seahawks with 75th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft.
Russell Wilson sparked a lively debate between Mel Kiper and Jon Gruden on Friday, minutes before he was selected by the Seattle Seahawks with 75th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft.

On second thought, Russell Wilson's wait ended the only way it could have. Wilson was either a third or fifth rounder depending on who you asked, and it just so happened that the Seattle Seahawks thought the former. If not them, some other team that had looked at the tape before the measurables likely would have swooped in. Wilson didn't necessarily prove anyone wrong--not yet at least--but his selection with the No. 75 overall pick was no small consolation to those of us who tore our hair out listening to the Ryan Tannehill blather of the past month.

That month span saw my roommate and I yelling at each other a lot, which is weird because not once did we actually argue. Rather, we used the other as a foil to vent our frustrations toward the paid draft analysts that all somehow missed the same lesson on causation and correlation. The argument went: 28 of 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL are 6'2 or taller, none shorter the 6'0, thus Wilson has no chance to become a starting quarterback. Mel Kiper unleashed that bit of wisdom Friday, and just as my buddy and I turned to each other mouths agape, Jon Gruden interrupted.

He accused Kiper of discriminating against "guys who aren't six feet tall" and as soon as he added "like me" you knew it was on. The next three minutes were arguably my favorite in draft history. Gruden looked at Kiper with his crazy Gruden eyes, held up his right thumb and forefinger and, in a space roughly the distance between this word and the following comma, indicated the only thing physically separating Wilson from Drew Brees and Michael Vick.

For what it is worth, I'm not sure Wilson could have landed in a better spot than Seattle. He will start out behind Matt Flynn, another relatively young quarterback without a lot to show for his career outside of one magical performance at Lambeau. Wilson doesn't have the pressure of having to assume the starting spot from Day 1, nor would anyone be that shocked if he somehow does. It is a no-lose, all-gain situation, and that is a great position to be in when you have a truck load of confidence and rather large chip on your shoulder.

Anyway, before I published this post, my roommate asked me if I could kindly let the world know that he is smarter than Mel Kiper. So here it is. We did it big guy.

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Wrapping up: Russell Wilson's wife seems like very a lovely person, but holy cow did she lose her cookies on Saturday.