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Looking for tickets in Boston? TiqIQ has you covered

It's on to the Sweet Sixteen! After an exciting first weekend, the college tourney heads to the regional games. Bigger stage, bigger match-ups, with bigger excitement surely on the way.

Going to the game? Want to go to the game? Well, through our official ticket partner TiqIQ, "check in" using the TiqIQ Connect Facebook app, and put yourself in the arena map! ... As an added bonus, for any consumer who "checks in," and uses the app to show that they're going, TiqIQ will randomly select one lucky winner, and reward them with a new hat, T-shirt and $50 in spending money for when they go to the game!


Be sure to check out all the best deals on tickets for the Sweet Sixteen round, "check in" and get yourself some new cool stuff. Go!

This post was sponsored by TiqIQ.