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What history tells us about how far the Badgers will go

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Bo Ryan has never made the Final Four, but he also has only lost in the first round once.
Bo Ryan has never made the Final Four, but he also has only lost in the first round once.

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We know how frustrating it can be to predict how far the Badgers will go in the NCAA Tournament. It's great that they are in the tournament every year, but they hardly ever make a deep run.

Yet, every year, you're wondering if this is the year Bo Ryan finally leads his team to the Final Four.

And every year, there's at least one big name expert who has Wisconsin in their Final Four. This time, it's Joe Lunardi.

Let me give you some advice: Don't put the Badgers in the Final Four.

That's not to say I don't think they have a shot, but if you're goal is to win your bracket pool, you probably don't want to go in that direction.

In the same breath, however, here's some more advice: Don't use Montana as your Cinderella this year.

Look, it's the NCAA Tournament, so anything can happen, but history tells us two things with the Badgers: 1) Bo Ryan doesn't lose in the first round and 2) Bo Ryan doesn't make the Final Four.

In his 10 NCAA Tournaments at Wisconsin, Bo Ryan is 9-1 in the first round with his only loss coming as a No. 9 seed against No. 8-seeded Arizona. Those 8-9 games are always toss ups.

That said, as has been well documented, Bo Ryan has also never made the Final Four at Wisconsin.

So how far should you have the Badgers going in your bracket?

Here are some key Bo Ryan records:

Round of 64: 9-1

Round of 32: 4-5

Sweet 16: 1-3

Elite Eight: 0-1

Based on these records, it would probably be a good idea to predict a Badgers loss in either the Round of 32 or the Sweet 16.

This is the third straight season in which the Badgers are a No. 4 seed and while they made it to the Sweet 16 last year, they lost to No. 12-seeded Cornell in the second round the year before that. Thus, based on history, it's a toss up to put them in the Sweet 16, but it would be unwise to put them in the Elite Eight, especially when you consider Bo Ryan is 0-3 against No. 1 seeds in the NCAA Tournament.

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